Shop sustainably this Earth Day

Shop sustainably this Earth Day

From Day One, we built Leena & Lu with the planet in mind. This Earth Day, we are sharing why the 100% organic cotton we use in our luxury women’s pajamas is so important for reducing carbon emissions and preserving natural resources — not to mention providing a healthy working environment for the people who make our clothes! 

Read on to learn why organic cotton is better for the environment and for people, and how Leena & Lu fits into the picture of a safer, more sustainable fashion industry for everyone. 

Organic cotton cuts down on water and air pollution

Because it is grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides or GMOs, organic cotton helps improve the quality of our water and air. Organic cotton creates 46 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional cotton, according to the Textile Exchange, and reduces levels of water pollution by 98 percent, according to Water Footprint.

Did you know that less than 1 percent of global cotton production is organic? Organic cotton makes a difference! When you choose organic cotton, you’re helping increase demand for production processes that are sustainable and fair trade — making a better planet for all. 

Sourced from organic cotton in Peru, our chemical-free and pesticide-free production process makes our super-soft sleepwear safer for you and the environment. We produce in small batches using all-natural dyes. Choosing sustainability as a core principle of our business also means we are improving the lives of farmers, too. 

What is GOTS certification and why does it matter?

At Leena & Lu, we don’t stop at organic cotton. All of Leena & Lu fabrics are GOTS (Global Organization Textile Standard) certified. This internationally recognized certification means our fabrics meet both the toughest organic farming standards to include every step of the manufacturing process, and are produced with respect to workers’ rights and safety. Read more about our journey to GOTS certification.

Our fundamental choice to avoid chemicals and pesticides provides a healthy working environment for the small-scale, local manufacturers and farmers we partner with. 

Reducing waste in the landfill

As active participants in the local economy near our workshops, we minimize our carbon footprint by cutting down on unnecessary transport. That last part extends to you too! When you order Leena & Lu pajamas, you can worry less about waste in a variety of ways. For starters, we choose our colorways from cotton that’s already available in our small factories so it’s not wasted or thrown into a landfill. 

When your purchase arrives, your shipping bag is plastic-free and compostable! After you unpack your sustainable, ethical women’s cotton pajamas to enjoy, the packing they come in is fully biodegradable in your home composting bin. 

We hope this information makes it easier for you to make your purchasing decisions with the planet in mind. Every little bit counts! You can read more about our commitment to sustainability here. 

What ethical shopping tips are you keeping in mind this Earth Day? We’d love to hear at or on our new Instagram page @leenaandlu, where you can enter our $100 giveaway!