Our top travel tips with kids

Our top travel tips with kids

School’s out, the sun is out, and, for us, that means taking the opportunity to make special memories with our kids through travel. Founders Ofelia and Kathya fondly remember the summer from growing up together in Peru, like spending all day on the beach with cousins. These days, we take trips to see each other from Atlanta to Peru several times a year, and we have family vacations planned, too. And with four children between us, we have learned a thing or two over all those miles about traveling with kids. 

While we can’t guarantee there won’t be any meltdowns or stressful moments along the way, family travel is worth it: It shows your kids the world and helps them get to know where they came from when you visit grandparents and extended family. A little advance planning is the key to making the trip smoother for yourself and your kids. 


We’ve got you covered with our list of best summer reads and our favorite podcasts for both parents and kids. Download in advance on your home WiFi connection so your favorite listens are ready to go when you’re en route. If you decide to use screens to help pass the time, download apps and games that correspond to your destination. This can be educational and fun for kids! 

Wrap a new toy or coloring book from the Dollar Store or Target in simple wrapping paper for each hour of your flight or road trip. Unwrapping the gift will be part of the fun, and the novelty of a new item (even a cheap one) will engage them for longer periods. Magnetic doodle sketch pads and paint with water coloring books are a great way for them to get creative without the mess of bringing too many art supplies. 

Learn a few games, like I Spy, a license plate game, 20 Questions or categories, or bring along travel versions of your favorites, like Connect Four and Mad Libs. 


Are you the type to pack six pairs of shoes for a weekend trip? Paring down for both your kids and you isn’t an easy task, but keeping things clutter-free reduces stress and makes it easier to get dressed so you can get to the fun stuff!

Try packing cubes to keep your family’s suitcases organized. These smart inventions give you and your kids a dedicated space for all your things and can be compressed to make more room. Pack one for each family member or further divide them into a cube for socks and undies, pants, dresses, etc.

Vacation is the perfect time to experiment with a capsule wardrobe. Consider a streamlined color palette of three main colors with one or two accent colors. For each item you pack, try to make sure it can go with three other items in your suitcase for a variety of outfits. (Check out our airport outfit formulas for ideas that work for on-the-go and once you arrive at your destination.)

Another smart way to save space? Multifunctional outfits like a throw-on-and-go t-shirt dress or our day-to-night Pima poplin short set available in ocean or pink. Pick the color that blends seamlessly with your preferred palette and you’ve got an outfit for day or night — and even better, it’s breathable and comfortable while traveling. 


It’s hard to eat healthy on the road. But you can skip the fast-food pit stops (and the gross, sluggish way they make you feel) by making a few simple snacks at home. Best tips for a healthy summer snack? Include some protein, some healthy fat, some fiber and some carbs to avoid sugar crash meltdowns that can come from gas-station candy bars and airport kiosk cookies and chips. 

  • Veggies and hummus or your favorite dip: Slice cool cucumbers, crunchy carrots, jicama, celery, radishes or whatever you have on hand. Pack the dip in the jar or round tupperware that can fit in your cup holder so there’s no mess! 
  • String cheese or cubed cheese
  • Homemade trail mix or nuts packed with protein 
  • No-bake energy balls: oats, peanut butter or other nut butter, shredded coconut, honey, flax seed, chia seed, chocolate chips or dried fruits, roll into a bar or ball and chill for a few hours. 

And of course, be sure to stay hydrated with water beyond just sodas and caffeinated beverages! You might need to take more bathroom breaks, but it will be perfect to stretch your legs (and get your kids moving.) 


Kids are creatures of habit. Plan your itinerary around your baby or toddler’s nap schedule. Keep the planned snacks above handy for when they typically eat, and offer them before they get hangry. And try to keep your bedtime routine in your hotel or AirBnB, including bath time and familiar bedtime books or stories at about the same hour. Bring your child’s favorite blanket, toy or other comfort items that remind them of home and make them feel safe. Keeping them from feeling hungry or tired, especially when they’re too young to express it, will help keep crankiness at bay. 


When traveling with young kids, some things can and will go wrong. And that’s ok! Some of our favorite vacation memories and summer moments happened without any planning at all. Getting to your destination might be tough, but you’ll be glad once you make it there and can enjoy special time with family. You’ve got this, Mama! 

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