Best podcasts for your next road trip

Best podcasts for your next road trip

         It’s the season to pack your bags (with Leena & Lu’s organic cotton sleepwear, of course) and hit the road. Looking for entertainment recommendations for a long drive with or without littles? We’ve got you covered. Check out our recommendations below, whether you’re road-tripping solo or taking the whole family. 

Best podcasts for women

If you’re taking a trip on your own or with some girlfriends, make sure you have these shows downloaded to spark conversations during the drive! 

How’d She Do That?” with Emily Landers

This podcast answers the question we all wonder about when it comes to women who have created inspiring careers and lives! Host Emily Landers uncovers the secrets behind their success, how they overcome challenges, and encourages all listeners to go for their dreams.

WBUR’s “Modern Love

Narrated by celebrities from Kate Winslet to Sterling K. Brown, the essays from the famed column about love, romance, and relationships in the New York Times come to life on the podcast in a whole new way. At times heart-warming and heart-breaking, we love this in-depth listen to writers’ love lives. We laugh, we cry, we feel more connected to our fellow humans. 

The Dabble Co. Podcast” 

Nurse practitioner Claire O’Bryan goes to the heart of what’s trending versus the truth when it comes to health and beauty. We appreciate her no-nonsense, professional point of view on all things wellness — a big priority for us, as makers of organic cotton sleepwear that’s better for both you and the planet. 

Sway” by The New York Times

Dubbed “Silicon Valley’s best liked and most feared journalist,” host Kara Swisher interviews powerful and influential leaders in tech, media, and more — and she’s not afraid to go there. We love Swisher’s take on the top news of the day, from Washington D.C. to Hollywood. 

Top podcast picks for kids

Got some little ones in the backseat? Listening to some audio entertainment can be fun for the whole family — and keep the “Are we there yet?” question to a minimum. 

Gardenkeeper Gus” on Spotify

As founders of an organic cotton sleepwear brand, we’re huge supporters of encouraging your kids to care about the environment from a young age. The adventures of Gardenkeeper Gus and his best pal Rel the squirrel are here to help as they go on adventures in the garden behind their home. Nature sounds are a treat for grown-ups and kids ages 3 and up alike as we learn to appreciate the beauty of nature and care for the planet. 

But Why” by NPR 

Kids ask the questions, and this podcast finds the answers, teaching all of us something new in the process. From serious topics like “What is climate change?” to sillier ones like “How much does the moon weigh?”, “But Why” tackles everything from current events to things you’ve always wondered! 

Myths and Legends” on Spotify

It’s an activity and a podcast in one! Featuring epic tales from cultures around the world, “Myths and Legends” includes downloadable coloring pages from kids ages 6 and up to enjoy as they follow along on the adventure. We also love that this podcast is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, German and Portuguese. 

What will you be downloading for your next road trip? Share your playlists with us on Instagram @leenaandlu or send us your recommendations at