Why 100% Peruvian Organic cotton for my pajamas?

Why 100% Peruvian Organic cotton for my pajamas?

 Why organic cotton? Or better yet why 100% GOTS certified organic cotton pajamas?

Well, it is very simple. It is Oh. So. Good. for you…

You spend between 10 to 12 hours of your day wearing clothes. If those items are made with traditional cotton or other synthetic fabrics (polyester, nylon), you are exposing your skin to fabrics that are heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides and are exposed to an unknown number of chemicals...YIKES!

Peruvian Organic Cotton, or “Peruvian OC” is safe for your skin and good for the earth. It grows with the use of compost so it conserves water and uses rainwater more efficiently. 

The long fibers help make our products lightweight, breathable, non-allergic, better for the planet, the people who produce it, you and your family.

Conventional cotton is farmed with GMO seeds and is picked by heavy machinery which contributes to a large carbon print. That system uses (like my 9-year-old would say) “humongous quantities “of water and energy.

"Peruvian OC", on the other hand, is handpicked which reduces the environmental impact and improves the quality of the product.

When you choose clothes that are made with “Peruvian OC” you are part of a select group of people that will prefer their pajamas to be free of toxins and other harmful chemicals, period.

What you eat matters. Whether you exercise matters. What you choose to expose your skin to also matters. Try Leena & Lu Sleepwear to get the finest products made with “Peruvian OC”. 

If you want to know more about the fabric we use, check out Bergman/Rivera website

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