Self-Care Ideas for National Relaxation Day

Self-Care Ideas for National Relaxation Day

National Relaxation Day is August 15, you say? Don’t mind if we do. With today’s busy schedules amid back-to-school season, it’s more important than ever to take a moment to unwind, destress and indulge in some much-needed self-care. 

For us, self-care is all about finding those peaceful moments to connect with yourself and others, even while juggling work, kids and family. And sometimes, it’s giving ourselves the permission to do nothing at all. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Here are some ways we like to relax and recharge. We hope you find a little time to take for yourself today — and, as always, Leena & Lu organic cotton pajamas are here to bring some extra cozy comfort to your daily balancing act.


Pamper your skin

A self-care ritual that will leave you glowing? Sign us up. Creating a routine in the morning or evening to pamper yourself is the perfect way to indulge in National Relaxation Day.

Ofelia here: I like to start by washing my face with a foaming or oil cleanser. Right now, I'm enjoying One Love Organics Botanical A Facial Cleanser — it smells so good and it just feels so luxurious! Then I top it off with a good moisturizer. Washing my face is one of the best ways to let my mind and body know that it is time to check out for the day.

 Other ideas include indulging in a face mask full of nourishing ingredients, exfoliating with a dry body brush or soaking in the tub with essential oils. Or all of the above!


Create a calming bedtime routine 

During the nightly wind-down of brushing teeth and putting on pajamas, I love to snuggle up with my children for family story time. Reading books together before bed helps us quiet down and feel closer after a long day of school and work.

 After putting the kids down, my husband and I will catch one of our favorite TV shows or I'll read a new book that’s been sitting on my TBR pile. Most nights I'll make myself a chamomile tea and drink it before bed — a natural sleep aid that helps calm my mind and cue my body for sleep. Indulging in some supersoft 100% organic Pima cotton pajamas that make getting ready for bed feel like self-care is the natural next step! Together, these simple steps are known as “sleep hygiene” and they’re essential for getting into a relaxing rhythm that promotes quality sleep and all the health benefits that come with it.


Practice meditation

Meditation and breathwork (like belly breaths) can produce a deep state of relaxation in just a few minutes. Quiet your mind by practicing a self-guided routine or popping on your headphones and choosing a meditation from an app like Calm or Headspace. You can also search YouTube to find the sounds or voices that work for you. Keep some visualization techniques in your pocket when you need to feel relaxed on the go — like when someone cuts you off in traffic or you feel tensions flare with a coworker! This simple, fast way to reduce stress can bring a sense of calm to your busy day, and also help you fall asleep at night.


Stretch it out

Wait a minute — get moving to relax? Yes, really. A stroll in nature can clear your mind and put your problems in perspective. If stress has you clenching your muscles, try a short stretching routine to release tension and get your blood flowing. Use foam rollers or tennis balls to work the sore spots! A little bit of mindful movement in the form of yoga, walking or even dancing to your favorite song like nobody’s watching beats stress better than just about anything.

How do you make self-care practices a part of your daily routine? Let us know at or send us a message on Instagram @leenaandlu.