In your skin

In your skin

Choosing to go organic, is not easy but by making that choice you are undoubtedly choosing to benefit our planet, your family, your community, and your skin.

Ditching the toxins is hard but we are here to help you and learn along the way with you.

Organic Cotton is free of harmful dyes and chemicals. It is also breathable with natural wicking properties, which means that it will keep you fresh and dry.  

It is a natural hypoallergenic because it is soothing even to the most sensitives of skin types. 

Leena & Lu is clean sleepwear handmade in Peru by women for today's women, using only 100% Certified Organic Pima Cotton with non-toxic and all-natural materials. Sleepwear that you can actually feel good about.

All our products are manufactured with a strong focus on quality and not quantity. As part of our commitment to being sustainable and fair trade, we choose to work with small scale women and family-owned factories in Peru that are also committed to being ethically responsible. 

Gracias y Bienvenido!

Ofelia & Kathya