How To Care For Your Loungewear

How To Care For Your Loungewear

Do you love investing in your personal comfort? But hate the price that comes with it? Join the club. We used to love finding new, comfortable pajamas but hated the high prices and crazy maintenance that comes with them. That’s why we put our focus on bringing you safe (for you and the environment - talk about a double whammy), comfortable, affordable pajamas that require the easiest maintenance in the game. How did we do this? Keep on reading! 

First of all, we use only 100% GOTS Organic Peruvian Cotton when making our loungewear. This means it’s super comfortable and it’s safe on the sweetest of skin types. Next up, we use all natural dyes and produce in small batches to give you those beautiful colors that you love at the best quality possible. 

We added our personal style and features to our fabric to bring you stylish, functional and cozy loungewear. That’s why we added pockets (oh yes, pockets) to our loungewear and made all of our pants have non-judgemental waistbands. Because really, the last place we want to feel uncomfortable is climbing into bed, right? We added tie-dyed touches to each piece to make every Leena and Lu item unique.

Didn’t think our loungewear could get any better? It’s meant to be worn out and about! Wear to bed and keep it on to head to the store and drop the kids at school. The best part about this? No one will ever know you’re still in your pajamas! 

But wait, there’s more! Our pajamas are comfy, safe and they’re easy. What do we mean they’re easy? When it’s time to wash them, all you need to do is machine wash cold and tumble dry low. We’ve made it as low maintenance for you as we could! And that, friends, is how to care for your Leena and Lu loungewear.

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