Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect gift to put on your list or to give to family and friends? Our 2020 gift guide has incredible options that go beyond just pajamas! 

In our opinion, having the perfect robe is the key to the best loungewear. Our robe comes in both turquoise and our dusk brown color! We also love the cropped sleeves and length of the robe making it very breathable. 

The Robe


Similar to the robe is our lovely cardigan! This piece is essentially the same except the sleeves and length are both longer, and it comes black and grey. Our cardigan and robe are so soft, they will be the perfect gift to sit around all Christmas day. 

The Cardigan

If you’re looking for a good stocking stuffer, our reusable cotton makeup removers are a hit! You can use them for taking off makeup, washing your face, or even applying your makeup. They are so easy and convenient and once you’re done you wash them and reuse! 

Reusable Makeup Remover

Makeup Removers

Next we have some great gifts for the little ones! We have a cute long sleeve loungewear set and a precious dress! Both of these pieces are in ombre pink, making them so fun any girl will love them! 

Girls Dress

Girls Loungewear Set

Girls Set

We have amazing loungewear sets, making it difficult to select which one is the best fit. No need to stress, because our bundles come with both a short and long sleeve pima top with the pima joggers. These bundles come in both the gray and the black option! 

Gray Bundle

Gray Bundle

Black Bundle

Black Bundle

Last on our holiday gift guide is our nightgowns! First we have our Pima t-shirt dress coming in black, turquoise, and dusk. We love the fun front pockets and all of the color options make it even better! 

The Pima T-Shirt Dress

Pime T-Shirt Dress

This next nightgown is the pima long dress. This short sleeve nightgown comes in black, coral, shell, and turquoise with fun pockets on the side! We absolutely love the v-neck cut and all the fun colors this gown comes in. 

The Pima Long Dress

Pima Long Dress


Shop these great gift selections and so much more here!