Cozy Up By the Fire With These Four Sets!

Cozy Up By the Fire With These Four Sets!

We think it’s safe to say that while the holidays are always busy, this year we will be doing a lot more lounging around the house than usual. As the temperatures continue to drop, how amazing does snuggling up to the fire in a nice pajama set sound? Whether you prefer long or short sleeve, we have amazing sets for whatever you prefer. 

If you’re someone who likes being warm from top to bottom, our long sleeve set is absolutely perfect for you! The Long Sleeve Set comes with our cotton pima long sleeve shirt and our amazing best selling joggers. We absolutely love the tie-dye bottom of the joggers to give it a funky touch. 

The Long Sleeve Set

LL - The Long Sleeve Set

This next set is our OG Pima Loungewear Set including our short sleeve cotton shirt with our incredible joggers. The best part about this set is that not only is it perfect for sitting at home, but the flattering joggers make it so that you can leave the house while staying comfortable at the same time. This set comes in both black and grey! 

The OG Pima Loungewear Set

LL - The OG Pima Loungewear Set

Even though we all love to be warm, sometimes long sleeves and joggers can get too hot. Our Pima Everyday Short Set is made of the same weightless cotton used in all our other sets. We also love the double lined pockets on the sides that give your hands a little warmth when they need it. Like the others, this set comes in both black and grey. 

Pima Everyday Short Set

LL - Pima Everyday Short Set

This last set is fun because unlike the others, it comes in turquoise as well as black. We love the tank top look because it’s the perfect flirty touch to add to your sleepwear and will keep you comfortable throughout the night! 

Pima Sleeveless Pajama Set

LL - Pima Sleeveless Pajama Set

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