Behind The Design Process

Behind The Design Process

Leena and Lu was founded by sisters Ofelia and Kathya in 2017. The brand was started because these sisters got fed up with sleeping in old t-shirts and tacky pants. They knew that there were women all over the world who also found themselves in this position. So, they put their heads together and started brainstorming ways to create the softest pajamas in the game. We might be biased but, we think they did a pretty good job. How did they create the best pajamas? That’s what we’re here to tell you! 

The sisters immediately knew that they wanted pajamas that would be safe on their daughters skin. So, they set out to find soft and safe materials to use for the creation of both women and girls pajamas. Their daughters always wore cute, soft, lightweight pajamas to bed that were made with pima cotton from Peru. Being that this dynamic duo is from Peru, using pima cotton just seemed right. So, it was an easy decision. 

Once they found their material, they had to decide what their goal was with these pajamas. Ofelia and Kathya decided to create something that is comfortable, with the best materials, while making sure the whole process is fair trade, sustainable and good for everyone. And thus began Leena and Lu. 

These sisters put their main focus on creating a product that is GOTS which is good for everyone that is involved in the process. And that’s just what they did!  Finding natural and safe dyes was the next step. Luckily for them, they were able to find a small studio in Lima, Peru that creates eco-friendly dyes. The eco-dyes are created using food scraps, like onion peels and avocado seeds and are totally chemical free. 

Safe and cozy were taken care of. The next step for the sister was figuring out the best way to make these pajamas comfortable for all. Naturally, pockets were a must. The idea to add pockets was actually a last-minute call. The pajamas were ready for production when the sisters decided that pockets were essential. And thank goodness they did! How can you go out and not have pockets? Each piece of their loungewear is designed for women to feel confident and comfortable. That’s why they added little elements here and there (like the non judgemental waistband - THANK YOU) to make sure that all women love them. 

Ofelia and Kathya also wanted to make sure that their pajamas could be worn for more than just sleeping. These are pajamas, yes. But, they’re not your regular pajamas. You can easily keep them all day without feeling like you are still in jammies. One of the biggest bonuses of these pajamas is that you can run out of the house wearing them and no one will know it is sleepwear. So don’t tell them!

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