Behind Leena & Lu: Kathya and Ofelia Answers Your Questions

Behind Leena & Lu: Kathya and Ofelia Answers Your Questions

We sat down and answered some of our customers' most frequently asked questions about how we founded Leena & Lu.

1. The two of you have such a special relationship. Can you tell us a bit about starting a business as sisters?

We like each other so that makes things easy! After Kathya left her job to stay home with the girls I was ready to start something because both my kids were going to have the same schedule at school. For years we were trying to come up with ideas as to what we could do together that would make sense for us while living in 2 different countries. 

2. What are your favorite Leena & Lu items? 

The Pima T-Shirt Dress and The Joggers

3. We love the pockets! Why did you choose to add them?

It was a last-minute call, we were ready to go to production and we both know how important pockets are when you walk home and start picking up stuff from the floors. Little did we know everybody would love the pockets.

4. What is so special about your loungewear?

Our brand is so special because we use eco dyes, the fact that they are sustainable, and we believe in the importance of creating a product that is GOTS certified - which is good for everyone that is involved in the process from the manufacturers to the consumers. Yes we sell sleepwear, but not your regular pajamas. You can easily keep them on all day without feeling you're still in jammies. You can run out of the house wearing them and no one will ever know you're wearing sleepwear.